Could your staff use a strong upper level UB spotter? Is your dance coach taking a leave of absence?

It is rare for a program to be optimally staffed ALL the time.

Precision provides you with professional coaches with Olympic, World, & National level experience.

All coaches carry Professional Liability Insurance and are available for 1-8 week bookings. 

COACHES CLINICS are included to help provide your program with lasting results!


José Vazquez 

Jose coaches WAG and MAG from beginner through Elite.  As an elite athlete, he trained at the Mexican National Training Center for 5 years and was on the #1 ranked Baja California Team. His coaching resume includes team coaching for 7 years at WOGA and 6 years in San Diego at Toby Wells.  An extremely versatile coach, he excels in the development of high level UB where his ability to communicate technique in a simple way has proven extremely effective.



FERNANDO VILLA (limited availability)

Fernando Villa is a master technician who has been coaching for over 20 years. He most recently coached Gabby Douglas, Nia Dennis, Shilese Jones, and Shania Adams at the esteemed, Buckeye Gymnastics. His resume includes establishing the TOPS/Elite program at All Olympia Gymnastics in Los Angeles where he coached Mattie Larson and Samantha Shapiro into their successful elite careers. His coaching accolades also include Compulsory through level 10 and Elite (including Hallie Mossett and Felicia Hano) at both Wallers Gym Jam and West Coast Elite. Fernando has also been both nominated for and the recipient of multiple “Coach of the Year” Awards.



Whitney Snowden is a true, 4-event coach with eye for detail and creative style. As the level 8-10 Head Coach as well as Elite Coach for 7 years at Cincinnati Gymnastics, her specialties were Bars and Tumbling. Her coaching career includes serving as Technical Director at CGA and Team Director at Legacy, where she has coached a large number of State, Regional, and National Champions on all 4 events, 5 athletes to the Nastia Liukin Cup, and 21 athletes to Division 1 Scholarships. Whitney has also been both nominated for and the recipient of multiple awards including “Coach of the Year.”


JASON GATSON (Limited Availability)

Jason Gatson is most known for being the American Cup Champion, 2004 Olympian, and Parallel Bars Innovator. In addition, he has established himself as an extremely successful coach with a great ability to educate coaches as well. In the past 2 decades, he has helped both male and female athletes succeed in the Rising Stars and TOPS Programs, respectively. His athletes have succeeded on the local, Regional, and National Stages as well as entered the Elite world with impeccable physical and mental preparation.



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