FX & BB Choreography

What makes a Precision Routine different? Our Process.


  1. Your choreographer will research you PRIOR to your session in order to create a routine that showcases your strengths and minimizes your weaknesses. This research is possible via a custom questionnaire as well as videos and/or a brief interview.
  2. Your choreographer will arrive to your session with the perfect balance of preparation and an ability to tailor movement to fit your comfort and ability level.
  3. You will leave your session with highly effective notes and charts to ensure proper review of your routine after your choreographer leaves.
  4. You will receive a professionally-edited video tutorial of your routine to share with your coach. You can re-live your session over and over again! No more lost details!
  5. Precision offers free video feedback via MY GYM JUDGE…. and have the MY GYM JUDGE be the link to the mgj site
  6. Touch-Up © sessions are available to have the opportunity to work with a Precision Professional on polishing or reworking any necessary choreography. Great for getting ready for big qualifying meets, adding skills, and changing levels (yes, level 6 routines can be built into level 7 routines!).

When you get a Precision Routine, you also get Precision Perks:

Armenia’s first Olympic gymnast, Houry Gebeshian performs her Precision-Choreographed routine along to her Precision-Arranged music on the Rio stage.


“We traveled quite a way for Touch-Ups on fx/bb and the transformation of the routines is amazing. Mia came out of this much more confident and knowing how to use her artistry…Mia usually has a hard time “getting” choreography and Nicole did amazing job on explaining things to her in a way. She understood the what and the why’s.  Bev, Mom, Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy, OH

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new routine. So different than a JO routine – both music and choreography- that I know it will fit the standards of a collegiate routine and I cannot wait to show my team back at school!   Maggie Willis, NCAA Gymnast

KT [Karissa Thoma] was very patient and nice. Going from compulsories to optionals L7 is a big change and KT made it less scary for my daughter. She didn’t get mad if she had to go over a move a few times before Lauren got it. 

The experience with KT and Precision was great. Better and easier than I anticipated. My daughter had fun while learning important routines to continue her goals as a past AA state champion.   Cherie, Mom, SoCal

We are highly satisfied and truly impressed with the level of service from Langevin-  a  professional who clearly loves what she does and cares deeply about the routines being developed and the gymnasts she serves. Looking forward to many years of working together !    Cathy, Mom, Alaska

Loved the choreographers and my experience with Precision! 

Solomon Kahn, Head Coach Victory Gymnastics San Diego, CA

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